Amadeo story

We are producing transformative insights
that can change the way companies work with data & documentation

Meet team

Amadeo is a data science, AI & NLP-driven company. Our solutions enable companies to work with data and documentation. With over a thousand hours of training data, our product can currently cover multiple domains, scan millions of document pages instantly, and create great summaries.

We have an audacious vision. As data scientists, we believe that the human mind is capable of producing transformative insights that can change the way companies work with data & documentation.


Kateryna Holub,
Cofounder & CEO

Ph.D. in Information Technologies, 30 peer-reviewed publications, 1 patent. Kateryna is proficient in building AI/ML/NLP products as well as Cyber Security & Fintech products. She is a Sr. Product Manager with broad experience in cross-functional IT

Oleksandr Zemliachenko,
Founder & CEO

Ph.D. in Computer Science, 48 peer-reviewed publications & 200+ citations, 1 patent, 3 monographs. Oleksandr is a subject matter expert & world famous speaker in the field of Image Recognition.

Our mission and core values

Our mission
We are striving for excellence. That’s why our mission is high-impact & high-quality AI & NLP model engineering towards developing technological & innovative capabilities to meet the company’s information overload that is increasing every day.
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Despite the fact that all companies anyway work with data & documentation, every company is unique and has its own story. We invest in researching your cases and then work backward. Thus we work, understand, and commit to making our customers’ lives easier and more efficient. Our customer’s success is our success.
Learning and improving
We are respecting the scientific method and exploring more avenues, continuously training our NLP model and improving AI-powered search engine. We can't keep all our achievements to ourselves, so our data scientist team shares the latest research and findings on these technologies to help change the world for the better.
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Run on your data & documentation more completely, more accurately

Amadeo address the challenge of the company's unstructured documentation and data overload, giving you an all-round product vision and ensuring you never miss a thing.